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Extra Native Premium Olive Oil

The green gold of the Mediterranean
Olive oil from northeastern Greece


When we decided to make our dream and our passion a profession, we created the unique Omfakio.


Omfakio is exactly the same oil that we serve in our family table. Our organic olive groves grow, without chemicals, because this is for us the exact and only given way of cultivation.


Formerly it was believed that in northern Greece olive groves could not thrive, but eventually some of our grandparents believed in this and they have shown us that not only olive groves do thrive, but they can produce a high quality olive oil.


Due to the onset of winter in the region it may not be able to produce a mellow olive oil but it may well produce a much healthier green olive oil.


As it is known the olive oil which is produced from unripe olives have a greater nutritional value, more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols. The polyphenols and tannins, known to most as vitamin e give characteristic spicy flavour.


The sediment on the bottom of the bottle and the deep green color of oil is a result of authenticity, as it has not undergone any chemical filter.


The green olive oil is kept in a dark and cool place and stands for 1 ½ years since its bottling date as all other olive oils do.


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