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Extra Native Premium Olive Oil

The green gold of the Mediterranean
Olive oil from northeastern Greece

Omfakio in ancient Greek means green olive oil.


Αt the foot of Mount Menoikion, Northwest of the Prefecture of drama in an area with unique flora, small groves are scattered, which is cultivated by our family with love, patience and care. The collection of olives from the trees is done by hand, so that the fruit does not even wound and the trees are not inconvenienced. When the olives are gathered, we take care of the processing to be done as quickly as possible to preserve the precious ingredients 


30 years ago nobody could have imagined that in this region olive groves would offer large quantities of fruits, since farmers dealt exclusively with tobacco cultivation at that time.


After an experimentation of some farmers, the surprise was great since the olive groves not only came to fruition, but the oil they produced was extraordinary and unique in flavor.


The secret of this unique taste of enjoyment is that our oil comes from a combination of different and unripe olive varieties. Our olive oil is not chemically filtered and thus without losing its characteristic and unique flavor and natural color. It is known that the Green olive oil -apart from its characteristic fruity and tangy taste- is healthier than other olive oils, because of its higher nutritional value.


Due to the least performance of the green olive, we proceeded in the bottling of a small quantity of 500 pieces in ceramic bottles which is the most ideal place for oil repository, so as to maintain the quality of the product as much as possible.


Treat yourself to something special because of its limited production and high quality are not always available in the market.

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