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Extra Native Premium Olive Oil

The green gold of the Mediterranean
Olive oil from northeastern Greece


Product Info & Analysis


Omfakio Extra Native Premium Olive Oil Cold,

Bottled  in ceramic bottle.


Designation: Extra Nativ Olive Oil cold pressed, obtained solely by mechanical means.


Harvest year: end of October to mid-November 2021.


Cultivation region: Mikropoli Drama, Menoikion, Grecce.


Maturity at harvest: immature.


Harvest type: exclusively by hand picking.


Variety (ies): 50% Chalkidiki, 50% Megaritiki.


Time from harvesting to extraction: Immediately after harvest.


Filtration: No.


Color: green.


Taste: medium-fruity, spicy, aromatic and a sweet note.


Acidity in manufacturing: below 0.23% Max.after Eg Standard -0.8%.


Peroxides: 5,09 (proper storage) Max.after Eg-standard 20.


K 270: 0,112 (Freshness of the olives at extraction) Max.after Eg-Standard 0,22.


K 232: 1,669 (Temperature at extraction) Max.after Eg-Standard 2,50.


D.K.: -0,003 (Quality and Purely indicator) Max.after Eg-Standard 0,01.


Waxes: 17 mg/kg (gentle pressing) Max. after Eg-Standard 250 for Extra Native Oliven Oil Max. 125.


Nutritional value per 100 ml:


Condensing: 884Kcal/3448Kj.


Fat: 100g, of which Saturates 15,9g , monounsaturated 74,5g , Polyunsaturated 9,6g.


Carbohydrates: 0,0g, of which sugars 0,0g, protein 0,0g, Salt 0,0g.    


Producer: Vasiliki Mitousi. Family and direct sales.


Overall Prokuktion Season 2021-2022: 500 Limited bottles.


EAN: 5224406510009.



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